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  The contract included:

  • The construction of a 550m breakwater
  • The widening and upgrading of the existing pier
  • The creation of a deepwater berth for fishing boats
  • Provision of a cargo quay
  • Provision of a pedestrian only zone for users of the ferries
  • A berth for the lifeboat
  • The provision of a slipway
  • Provision for future roll-on roll-off cargo service

The project required dredging of hard rock. This was pre-treated, by drilling and blasting, prior to the dredging, and the dredged rock was re-used in the breakwater construction. Additional rock armour for the breakwater was imported from a quarry in Ireland. The rock was transported by large flat top barge to the site, where it was transhipped onto smaller barges. Over high water, the smaller barges manoeuvred as far inshore as water depth allowed and off-loaded on to the seabed. At low water the rock was recovered up by a land based excavator and transported by dump truck to the stockpile area and breakwater for construction.

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