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Hayling Island is fronted by a shingle beach, spanning its entire southern shoreline. Regular storm wave attack and the consequential threat of overtopping dictates the need for constant management in order to prevent flooding of properties in the lee of the beach. Eastoke, situated at the eastern end of the frontage, is particularly prone with properties located immediately behind the beach crest.

Natural sediment transport along the beach, combined with localised tidal flows had created an accretion of gravel at the entrance to Chichester Harbour. This presented a hazard to shipping, with Chichester Harbour Conservancy (CHC) keen to maintain navigable water.

Havant Borough Council, responsible for the coastal protection, initiated discussions in order to combine the dredging of the harbour entrance with the renourishment of their beach. The beneficial reuse of this material (a total of 75,000m³) had several advantages: no sediment was lost from the system; no disposal at sea; it was a very cost effective solution (saving approx 60% compared to sourcing from the nearest licensed area) as the dredging cycle time was very short and two clients benefited from the single operation. Boskalis Westminster is keen to promote the reuse of dredged material, with several similar schemes completed to date.

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