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Approximately 246,000m3 of dredged material was required to raise the level of a 100,000m2 development in the coastal town of Seaton, Devon. Due it’s low lying position, planning conditions for construction dictated that the land must be raised by approximately 2m to mitigate flood risk. Onto this reclaimed area, a Tesco supermarket, 200 homes and a hotel will be built.

The Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, Oranje, was used to pump ashore the material, dredged offshore from South Wales into the reclamation, along 1.5miles of steel pipeline. The pipeline route included 1 mile of continuous undersea pipeline and 0.5 miles of pipe running from the beach to the site – crossing two busy roads via specially constructed temporary bridges spanning 37m and 40m respectively.

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