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Emergency response

Call SMIT 24/7 at
+31 10 454 99 11

Help us to help you.
Keep the following information at hand when you contact us in case of an emergency:
Initial info:
What? Where? When?

Type and cause of accident:
Fire – collision - grounding

Known damage:
What is the known damage? Where is it located?

Contact details:
Which contact details can we use at all times?

SMIT has a wide variety of specialized salvage equipment held for immediate deployment at its strategically located Emergency Response Centers in Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town and Singapore. The equipment is airmobile and meticulously maintained so it is ready at a moment’s notice for deployment anywhere in the world. With decades of salvage experience our equipment has often been tailored over the years to suit specific tasks such as our patented cutting wire. These dedicated, precision tools enable salvage jobs to be carried out safely, quickly and efficiently by our experienced teams. Given SMIT’s considerable storage capacity, we are also able to perform several major operations simultaneously.

Major salvage equipment items include:

  • Submersible pumps of all sizes
  • Generator sets
  • Welding and cutting sets for both above and underwater
  • Various sized decompression chambers (Lloyds certified)
  • Hydraulic/diesel driven winches
  • Inert gas generators
  • Zodiacs/boats/launches
  • Side scan sonar, hot-spot, video and photo cameras
  • Wreck grabs
  • Hot-tap systems up to 8 inches, including heavy oil transfer pumps with water injections incorporated
  • Pollution Recovery systems (POLREC)
  • Steam generators, coils, hoses
  • Anti-oil pollution equipment (booms, skimmers)
  • Diving sets, equipment, control systems
  • Communications sets
  • Fire-fighting units (including COBRA)
  • Rigging and patching equipment
  • SMIT’s patented cutting wire
  • Dyneema wires of various sizes
  • Chain pullers

Salvage equipment

Specialized salvage equipment prepared and ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Boskalis fleet and equipment

In addition to our own salvage equipment, we can call on the vast resources of our parent company Boskalis to operate as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.