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Salvage Services

Emergency response

Call SMIT 24/7 at
+31 10 454 99 11

Help us to help you.
Keep the following information at hand when you contact us in case of an emergency:
Initial info:
What? Where? When?

Type and cause of accident:
Fire – collision - grounding

Known damage:
What is the known damage? Where is it located?

Contact details:
Which contact details can we use at all times?

SMIT Salvage is one of the largest salvage companies in the world. The SMIT name is synonymous with many of the most challenging and complex salvage operations that have taken place over the last century.

Experienced in braving the most challenging cases

SMIT offers marine emergency response coverage at a moment’s notice – 24/7. SMIT Salvage carries out emergency response, wreck removal operations and environmental care services across the globe no matter how remote the location is. The company maintains specialized equipment and expert personnel in a state of round-the-clock readiness to respond to incidents. Our rapid response is possible because of four strategic locations, which are situated along the main international shipping routes in different time zones (Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town and Singapore). The increasingly complex nature of salvage operations requires multidisciplinary, experienced teams. We deploy our own expert salvage teams and masters but we can also draw on the vast resources of our parent company Boskalis.

We have specialists readily available in several disciplines, which are vital when dealing with an emergency. We have experts in:  

  • Fire-fighting
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Towage
  • Marine pollution prevention
  • Naval architecture
  • Heavy lift engineering
  • Diving operations

SMIT’s salvage teams have experience in confronting the most challenging cases, from chemical tankers, which have suffered damage to their cargo tanks, to fires involving hazardous cargoes on board.

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Emergency response

SMIT’s salvage teams are on call 24/7 from four strategic emergency response centers located in different time zones along the world’s main shipping routes.

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Wreck removal

SMIT’s vast experience includes many of the most complex wreck removal projects of the past decades. This, combined with the resources of Boskalis, means that we get jobs done safely and efficiently.

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Environmental care

SMIT’s salvage teams have the expertise to deliver a full range of services from firefighting to deepwater oil recovery, and the disposal of hazardous cargoes from grounded ships.

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Preparedness and prevention

Mitigate potential losses by using our Preparedness & Prevention Contracts.

Our salvage solutions

SMIT Salvage maintains expert personnel and specialized equipment in a state of round-the-clock readiness to respond to incidents anywhere in the world.

What sets us apart

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Global coverage

SMIT provides 24/7 global coverage. SMIT has an unrivalled, worldwide network consisting of the offices and floating equipment of our parent company Boskalis and established agents.

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A team built around your needs

SMIT Salvage has the resources to build a team around the challenges you face. In adddition to our skilled salvage professionals, you can also rely on in-house experts from a wide range of disciplines to form a specialist team around your needs.

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Guaranteed 24/7 response worldwide

Operating out of four strategically located response centers in Rotterdam, Cape Town, Houston and Singapore and supported by our extensive global network, we guarantee 24/7 response world wide.

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175 years of experience

We pride ourselfs of having had the privilege of serving the marine industry for over 175 years, providing rapid, reliable and tailored solutions.