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Emergency response

Call SMIT 24/7 at
+31 10 454 99 11

Help us to help you.
Keep the following information at hand when you contact us in case of an emergency:
Initial info:
What? Where? When?

Type and cause of accident:
Fire – collision - grounding

Known damage:
What is the known damage? Where is it located?

Contact details:
Which contact details can we use at all times?

Since 1842, SMIT Salvage has helped clients solve some of the toughest challenges. How can we help you? Let's meet, tell us about your challenges.

SMIT Salvage offices world wide


SMIT’s response centres in Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town and Singapore provide a 24-hour link to customers, vessels and agents.

Emergency response 24/7

SMIT Salvage B.V. Hellenic Office

SMIT Salvage London

SMIT Salvage Pte Ltd

SMIT's response centre Singapore.

SMIT Salvage Cape Town

SMIT’s response centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

SMIT Salvage Brazil

Sergio da Veiga Faria or Baldo Dielen

SMIT Salvage Americas LLC

SMIT’s response centre Houston, U.S.A.

SMIT Salvage Head Office

SMIT response center 24/7

Worldwide network

SMIT Salvage

Visitor's address

Rosmolenweg 20
3356 LK

Postal address

PO Box 43
3350 AA