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On the 4th of July near the Bay of Eleusis, Greece, the bulk carrier 'Baru Satu', 16,190 DWT, laden with sugar, struck the 28,711 DWT bulk carrier 'Katherine' amidships in a so-called ‘T-bone’ collision.

SMIT Salvage and its local partner secured the LOF contract for rendering salvage services for the Baru Satu and immediately mobilized a salvage team, several tugs and pumping equipment to assist the vessel.

After carefully assessing the situation and based upon the naval architect’s calculations, the two vessels were disconnected from each other by pulling with the tugs. Although some compartments of both vessels were breached there was sufficient buoyancy left to safely keep both vessels afloat. In addition, the pumps that had been mobilized ensured the ingress of water was dealt with and that the vessels remained buoyant.

After divers had installed patches on the bow of the vessel, it was towed to a safe port. Subsequently, the full cargo of sugar was discharged into a lightering vessel for onwards transportation, after which the Baru Satu was safely redelivered to her owners.

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