Emergency response +31 10 454 99 11

SMIT has an unrivaled track record responding to ships in distress anywhere in the world from its four strategic locations. Our emergency response teams are fully prepared to mobilize 24/7.

We respond 24/7

SMIT operates from four strategic Emergency Response Centers located in different time zones along the world’s main shipping routes. Shipowners can rest assured that they have around the clock emergency response teams ready to act without a moment’s hesitation. Wherever a vessel finds itself in trouble, we are never far away with our dedicated facilities in Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town and Singapore. Our Emergency Response Centers are fully equipped with specialized equipment, which is always maintained in peak condition. 

We respond 24/7. We have the experts and the specialized equipment for almost any marine emergency.

SMIT has highly trained and experienced teams on standby, and experts in a wide range of disciplines including:

  • Fire-fighting
  • Naval architecture
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Towage
  • Marine pollution prevention

And although our teams have decades of experience, they too make sure they refresh their knowledge and skills regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and regulations. In addition to our own people, equipment and vessels, SMIT has the advantage that it can call on the vast resources of our parent company Boskalis.

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Emergency response

Call SMIT 24/7 at
+31 10 454 99 11

Help us to help you.
Keep the following information at hand when you contact us in case of an emergency:
Initial info:
What? Where? When?

Type and cause of accident:
Fire – collision - grounding

Known damage:
What is the known damage? Where is it located?

Contact details:
Which contact details can we use at all times?