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Hurricane Rita

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Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, a weakened but still powerful Hurricane Rita altered its course to threaten residents in Louisiana and Texas. Rita was the fifth major hurricane in the U.S.A. of that season.

SMIT Salvage was contracted to provide assistance for two jack-up rigs ‘Adriatic VII' and ‘High Island III'. The rigs broke of their legs. Both rigs were positioned in East Cameron, Louisiana. 'Adriatic VII'

The ‘Adriatic VII' went into the water and the drilling derrick, rig floor package and helideck came off. The platform drifted approximately 118 NM of her original position and she is now 1.3 NM off the beach. In June 2007 'Taklift 1' and 'Smit Cyclone' removed one of the three legs of the 'Adriatic VII'. Currenty preparations are made for the removal of the second leg, after which the last one follows. 'High Island III'

Massive damage was found to the drilling tower of the ‘High Island III'. The pontoon, with the remaining leg protruded from the leg wells, was sitting aground in a self created trench on the bottom of the sea. In October 2006 the legs of the High Island III' were removed. Moreover the workscope for both projects was: offload fuel oil and drilling mud, ballast the platforms down, cut off remaining portions of the legs, connect tugs, de-ballast and refloat the platforms. 'High Island II'

On 4 November 2006 a salvage team started to work on jack up rig 'High Island II'. This jack up rig is positioned in the South Marsh Island Area, Louisiana. Our salvage team rightened the 'High Island II' by means of a pull barge.

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Mariolina de Carlini

On the 30th of October 2013 the bulk carrier ‘Mariolina de Carlini’, 87,734 DWT, ran aground just outside Freetown, Sierra Leone. The vessel was fully laden with iron ore and grounded on the rocks.


Kiani Satu

On the 8th of August, general cargo vessel 'Kianu Satu', 17,796 DWT, ran aground at Buffels Bay, South Africa. The vessel had experienced engine trouble and consecutively broke loose from an emergency tow. Heavy weather and waves caused the vessel to run hard aground and the crew was taken off shortly afterwards.


NOMO wrecks

SMIT Salvage was awarded the contract for the removal of two very old wrecks in the Dutch section of the North Sea by Rijkswaterstaat, which is part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.


Hansa Brandenburg

Whilst transiting from Singapore to Durban, South Africa, the container vessel 'Hansa Brandenburg', 1,740TEU, caught fire on the 15th of July near Mauritius. The crew evacuated and was safely rescued by an attending vessel nearby.


Baru Satu

On the 4th of July near the Bay of Eleusis, Greece, the bulk carrier 'Baru Satu', 16,190 DWT, laden with sugar, struck the 28,711 DWT bulk carrier 'Katherine' amidships in a so-called ‘T-bone’ collision.


MOL Comfort

On the 17th of June 2013, the container vessel 'MOL Comfort', 8,110 TEU, suffered a crack amidships during bad weather. The vessel was underway from Singapore to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia when the incident happened about 200Nm off the coast of Yemen (mid Indian Ocean/Arabic Sea). After the structural failure, the ship broke in two. Both sections remained afloat with the majority of the cargo intact and began drifting in an East North Easterly direction.